• I was born in La Roche Sur Yon (Vendée) and spent all my childhood in Maché, a very small town in Vendée (near the west coast of France). I moved to Nantes in 1996 to start studying English linguistics, literature and civilization (LLCE). Thanks to these studies, I spent one year (1999) in Aberdare (Wales) as a French Language Assistant in a Grammar School. This is only when I came back to Nantes that I started studying linguistics more intensively.
  • What/who I love...
    -sports: tennis (current member of Orvault Cholière Tennis Club), squash, running, hiking, snowboarding.
    -music & concerts: eels, archive, air, coldplay, muse, stereophonics (souvenir from Wales), the shins, bénabar, cali...
    -traditional food with a good red wine.

    -open-minded people.
    -Canada (click here for some pictures).
  • What/who I hate...
    -to notice that the rich earn more and more, and the poor less and less, and that, very often, only the rich can do something to change that.
    -people only obsessed by the idea of convincing you.
    -the lack of bicycle lanes in Toronto, and TTC bus drivers trying to kill you when you're riding.
    -the lack of bicycle lanes in Nantes, and TAN or Lila bus drivers trying to kill you when you're riding.



  • Noa is a male cat. He was supposed to be a female, but "life is like a chocolate box: you never know what you're gonna get".
  • What he loves...
    -drinking water directly from the tap.
    -sleeping (it seems).
    -eating plants.
    -chatting with his racoons friends.
  • What he hates...
    -traveling by car.

    -the vacuum cleaner.
    -when a door is closed.
    -when the ball he is playing with goes under the sofa.